8th Eurographics Workshop on 3D Object Retrieval

Do you remember the days when retrieving the data that you needed from the internet was a matter of visiting sites your friends knew? The days when you would try out alternative search engines to find a single result? Was it a coincidence that text retrieval engines flourished with the explosion of textual information on the internet that could not be manually explored?

A new wave of information is now underway. Low-cost 3D scanners and 3D printers combined with popular applications of Computer Graphics and Vision are making 3D object models appeal to an increasing audience. See for example repositories such as http://shapes.aimatshape.net/ , https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/.

As these 3D object collections are growing, the importance of effective retrieval, search and exploration is increasing. Because it is easier to find something than to create it from scratch and because manual browsing quickly becomes intractable as a collection grows.

To this effect it is crucial to develop algorithms for the content-based searching of 3D object collections; creating compact and accurate descriptors for 3D objects; indexing 3D objects; creating efficient storage structures for data bases of 3D objects; investigating theoretical aspects of practical importance such as what it means for two shapes to be similar; interfaces for content-based 3D object search; visualization techniques for 3D search results; real time aspects of techniques and algorithms. Many fields of Computer Science and beyond can offer their valuable knowledge to this complex but highly interesting and practical problem.

The aim of the 3DOR Workshop series is to stimulate researchers from different fields such as Computer Vision, Computer Graphics, Machine Learning, Cognitive Science and Human-Computer Interaction who work on or are interested in 3D object retrieval search and exploration, to present state-of-the-art work in the field or learn about it and participate in discussions. This will provide a cross-fertilization that will stimulate discussions on the next steps in this important research area. 3DOR 2015will be the 8th workshop in this series.

3DOR 2015 will be a 2-day event for the first time and will contain the following tracks: research papers, posters, 2 keynote speeches (NEW!), EU project presentations and networking (NEW!), industrial session (NEW!).


Previous 3DOR Workshops

3DOR has been running continuously since 2008.

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Eurographics 2009 Workshop on 3DOR, March 29,2009, Munich, Germany

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