Short Papers Sessions

SP1: Geometry

Session Chair: Sofien Bouaziz Session Details: Tuesday May 5, 2015 - 08:30 - 10:10 Room: Vortragssaal

Fast Edge-based Geodesic Poisson Disk Remeshing Tom Uhlmann, Libor Váša, and Guido Brunnett

3D Architectural Modeling: Efficient RANSAC for n-gonal Primitive Fitting Ahsan Abdullah, Reema Bajwa, Syed Rizwan Gilani, Zuha Agha, Saeed Boor Boor, Murtaza Taj, and Sohaib Ahmed Khan

4D Mesh Reconstruction from Time-Varying Voxelized Geometry through ARAP Tracking Ludovic Blache, Mathieu Desbrun, Celine Loscos, and Laurent Lucas

Quadratic Encoding for Hand Pose Reconstruction from Multi-Touch Input Se-Joon Chung, Junggon Kim, Shangchen Han, and Nancy S. Pollard

Isogeometric Analysis for Modelling and Design Andreas Riffnaller-Schiefer, Ursula H. Augsdörfer, and Dieter W. Fellner

Fractured Object Reassembly via Robust Surface Registration Pavlos Mavridis, Anthousis Andreadis, and Georgios Papaioannou

Sketch-Based Controllers for Blendshape Facial Animation Ozan Cetinaslan, Verónica Orvalho, and John Lewis

SP2: Capture and Physics

Session Chair: Moritz Bächer Session Details: Tuesday May 5, 2015 - 10:35 - 12:15 Room: Vortragssaal

Interactive HDR Environment Map Capturing on Mobile Devices Peter Kán

Content-Aware Projection for Tiny Planets Matthew Brown

Eye-tracktive: Measuring Attention to Body Parts when Judging Human Motions Cathy Ennis, Ludovic Hoyet, and Carol O'Sullivan

Individual Time Stepping for SPH Fluids Liangliang He, Xiaojuan Ban, Xu Liu, and Xiaokun Wang

Target Temperature Driven Dynamic Flame Animation Qiaodong Cui, Zhaohui Wu, Chang Xing, Zhong Zhou, and Wei Wu

An Interactive Editing System for Visual Appearances of Fire and Explosions Yoshinori Dobashi, Yuhei Shibukawa, Munehiro Tada, Syuhei Sato, Kei Iwasaki, and Tsuyoshi Yamamoto

SP3: Rendering and Images

Session Chair: Vlastimil Havran Session Details: Tuesday May 5, 2015 - 14:20 - 16:00 Room: Vortragssaal

Pixel Merge Unit Rahul Sathe and Tomas Akenine-Möller

High-Quality Shadows for Streaming Terrain Rendering Matthäus G. Chajdas, Florian Reichl, Christian Dick, and Rüdiger Westermann

Adaptive LightSlice for Virtual Ray Lights Roald Frederickx, Pieterjan Bartels, and Philip Dutré

Interactive Pixel-Accurate Rendering of LR-Splines and T-Splines Jon M. Hjelmervik and Franz G. Fuchs

Improving k-buffer Methods via Occupancy Maps Andreas A. Vasilakis and Georgios Papaioannou

Separation of Manga Line Drawings and Screentones Kota Ito, Yusuke Matsui, Toshihiko Yamasaki, and Kiyoharu Aizawa

Generation of Folded Terrains from Simple Vector Maps Elie Michel, Arnaud Emilien, and Marie-Paule Cani